Program Information and System Requirements

The specs below are recommended (not minimums) for both the single-user and network versions of Atlantis and Avalon

  • Stand Alone PC's & (Mac's with BootCamp or Parallels), AMD or Pentium Dual Core or Quad Core Processors
    Windows 7, Window 8.1 and Windows 10 require a minimum of 4 Gig of ram.

  • Network work station hard disk drives should be 20 Gig or larger with 4 Gig ram minimum.
  • Printers should be a lasers (not ink jets).
  • Servers should be Windows 2003, 2008, or 2012 Server.  If you are using a Windows 10 computer as a network file server then you do need Windows 10 Professional as your operating system.

     Download & install the Microsoft ODBC Driver Before Downloading the Avalon the
         Atlantis Demo.

    The "ODBC Driver" link will take you to the Download location for the needed driver. 
    You must download and install the driver prior to installing the Atlantis or the Avalon demo. 

  Demo Delivery Method:

  E-mail to Reach You:
  Facility Name:  
  Facility Phone:
  Cell Phone:
  Home Phone:
  Any Questions:

I would like a KennelSoft Support Technician to download and install the demo program directly onto my computer using internet remote access. The technician can then take me on a "walk-through" of the program features. This option requires internet access on the computer the demo is to be installed on.  KennelSoft will contact me to set up an installation & "Walk-Through" demo time.

I will download and install the demo myself, then phone KennelSoft for a "walk-through" of the program features.  This option does not require internet access on the computer the demo is to be installed on.
I will phone KennelSoft when I am ready for the "Walk-Through" demonstration.

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