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Dear Adams Family,

Thank you for choosing Bokhara Pet Resort & Spa. We are committed to providing a clean, safe and fun environment for Chumley while you are away.


Please review Chumley's vaccination records and reservation below.  If the record is incomplete or the vaccinations have expired, please fax the updated vaccination records to (231) 264-6667, or bring them in when you arrive for boarding.


Chumley Adams


Darren Adams

Check In:            
Check Out:          11/17/12

DOG VACCINES:  Certification from a veterinarian is required from each of our guests before admittance can be allowed. If your pet requires an updated vaccination please make arrangements for the vaccination to be administered no less than ten days before any grooming service or boarding time is scheduled. If this is not possible we can make arrangements for Isolation time for an additional charge. Puppies must complete the full series of vaccinations including the rabies vaccine no less than 10 days prior to their scheduled stay. Titers will be accepted with proper documentation.

Our records indicate that you use Valley Animal Center as your veterinarian. If that is no longer the case, or if the vaccinations listed below for Chumley have been updated please let us know.

  Rabies 12/20/13
  DHLPP 12/20/13 
  Bordetella 11/30/12
  * Coronavirus & Canine Influenza  

* Coronavirus & Canine Influenza
Bokhara Pet Resort & Spa is currently not requiring that dogs receive the Coronavirus or the Canine Influenza vaccine in order to use our facilities.  We do, however, encourage you to talk to your family veterinarian about these vaccinations and whether it is appropriate for your pet.

Open 365 Days Per Year

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 08:00am - 5:30pm
Wednesday & Saturday 9am - 3pm
Sunday 9am - 12pm, and 5pm - 6pm

On the Date of each Holiday - Open only between 9am - Noon

Guests may arrive or depart any time during business hours; however, we would prefer arrival at least one hour prior to closing. Owners who pick up their pets by our 1:00 pm checkout time will not be charged for that day. Also a boarding charge for the day will not apply to pets scheduled for complete grooming. (This does not apply to basic baths and ancillary services.)

If you need to change or cancel a holiday/vacation period reservation, you must notify us at least 14 days in advance or cancellation fees will apply. Changes or cancellations to a non-holiday/vacation period reservation must be made three days in advance or cancellation fees will apply.


Thank you for trusting Bokhara Pet Resort & Spa.  We look forward to seeing you and Chumley soon!  For further assistance, please feel free to contact us at (231) 264-5855. 
Team Bokhara