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 NEW - Atlantis Web Reservation (AWR) System

What if you could import everything you need to know about a pet's upcoming reservation with the simple click of a button?  NOW YOU CAN... with the NEW KennelSoft Atlantis Web Reservation (AWR) System Take a Test Drive of the New AWR System.


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Atlantis Version 9.2 Released - View - NEWLY ADDED FEATURES


      Atlantis & Avalon Software Solutions are in operation in thousands of pet care facilities throughout the world.  Our programs are actively running daily in our own petcare facility - this means no unpleasant surprises to you.  KennelSoft solutions work reliably and deliver everything we say they do in an easy to use and logical format Translate our website - traduisez - übersetzen Sie - traduzca

     Our website provides you with a very in-depth overview of our program features and operations.  There is a lot of material here about our software for the solution you finally select will be one of the most important decisions your business will ultimately make.  It is important that you make an informed decision regarding the software that is correct for you.  All software systems make appointments and keep track of pet vaccination records, but to effectively and profitably operate a growing business your software also needs to actively market to your existing clients helping to keep them loyal and coming back!   The wrong decisions can be very costly and time consuming, so read carefully and then compare to our many features when making that final decision.

Feel free to tour our site, download our
Demo and then Phone Us to set up a time convenient for you to take a personal and private "walk through" with us of our programs.  Or, just phone us and we can easily and remotely install and set up the Demo on your computer, then take you on a remote access “walk through” of the many features and processes the program contains.

Service & Support – Our #1 Priority   In this high-tech and fast moving world, our old-fashioned approach to customer service and relationships makes all the difference.  For when you call KennelSoft, a live person will actually answer the phone and not a computer.  We will then transfer you to the right person to address your questions and help with your needs.        

It's really just that simple for our support team provides by far the best technical support services for any and all issues that may arise in connection with your programs.  We do support our software and we're always just a telephone call or email away from answering your questions and helping with a fix solution.  We will gladly provide reference for anyone who may wish them regarding the quality of our support and technical services.



KennelSoft Full Program Demos

KennelSoft program demos are full working versions of our full software so you can actually "Test Drive" the programs yourself. Our demos are loaded with full data so you have clients and records to work with! 

You may download a demo and then
call us to set up a time we can "talk & walk" you through the program showing you all of the program features available. Atlantis Kennel Management Demo  or Avalon Grooming Demo    We can also schedule a live demo time on your computer - at your convenience.


Atlantis Extender QuickBooks Module

Atlantis Extender was developed by Creditech Solutions, Inc. to extend the functionality of KennelSoft's Atlantis Kennel Management program. Atlantis Extender generates complete accounting entries for QuickBooks using all the information on the Atlantis charges report (sub-total by day, sub-total by month or grand totals.)

Atlantis Extender Will:

  • Save you lots of time,

  • Eliminate posting errors,

  • Enhance the quality of your accounting information,

  • Allow staff with no accounting knowledge to record all your revenues in QuickBooks, and

  • Improve the quality of your KennelSoft Atlantis database


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KennelSoft Software Solution

   Atlantis - Lite Version

  Atlantis - Full Version

Avalon - Full Version


Boarding & Pet Care
   Management Software Solutions


Limited Client Records (800)
* Single User Program

Lite has every feature of the Full Version, it is just limited to 800 client records. No limit to the number of charge or appointment records.  * Fully upgradeable to the Full version at any time before 800 clients are reached, and can be converted to the Multi-User version.

Boarding & Pet Care
  Management Software Solutions


Unlimited Client Records
Single User & Multi-User

rograms Complete solutions for all Boarding, Grooming, DayCare, Training, Retail & more.....


Pet Grooming & Retail

    Management Software Solutions

Unlimited Client Records
Single & Multi-User Programs


Complete solutions for Pet grooming establishments, mobile groomers, pet retail sales & more.....



KennelSoft Software Systems are by far the most comprehensive of all boarding kennel and grooming salon management solutions.  They provide a large range of detailed data and projection reports needed to effectively make important business decisions in your corporate environment.  KennelSoft Software Systems are always an “ongoing work in progress" and will frankly - never be a finished product as the programs are continually being updated and restructured to include new and innovative features in keeping with the “current trends" in the pet industry. and the desires of our clients. 

KennelSoft Solutions Support  PetDetect collar & label printers, bar code scanners & wands,  electronic cash drawers,  retail printers,  User defined html email Boarding, Grooming & Day Care Confirmation and more.  KennelSoft programs export into QuickBook, Excel, Lotus.


Offering Comprehensive On-Site Training (for the large corporate facility or the smaller facility)

    Whether you are a large corporation owning multiple facilities, or just a smaller family owned facility, learning any new software program is time consuming and never very quick, but with On-Site Training the experience will become less time consuming and is a more cost-effective approach to learning any new software management program. Consider taking advantage of our On-Site Training Program where one of our associates or staff will come to your facility to train in a small or a large group. Our trainers are either owners of pet care facilities themselves, or have managed large pet care facilities.  They are all very familiar and proficient in the operation and use of our software solutions.  Our On-Site Training staff is up to date and current in the day to day operations of pet care facilities, and will be happy to assist you with your questions and offer their recommendations based on their business experience. Training sessions are customized just for you and will fit into your busy schedule when it is convenient for you and your staff. More Info.....

On-Site Training Geared for the Smaller or New Facility  KennelSoft does acknowledges that you may not need to immediately learn all of the features and functions available inside a KennelSoft program – our trainer can teach you only those features and functions that you will be using on a day to day basis to manage your facility.  You can later learn the more in-depth functions as you have the time or the desire.  KennelSoft programs are designed with all types of facilities in mind. The purpose of on-site training is always to get you up and running, and comfortable with handling the software in your business.  More Info.....

Operating Systems
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2000, 2003 & 2008, Windows Terminal Services, Windows 2000 (SP4), Virtual PC for Mac OS X , Remote Desktop Client for Mac OS X.


Ready to Switch?  If you are using another program and are ready to switch - we can convert your database for you. It is simple to email us your current data file in a compressed (WinZip) as an email attachment.  If your file is extremely large it can be uploaded directly to our server - phone us for fees and further directions. (231) 264-9515



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